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Designed By Amy Wisenbaker
Massari shot the video for his newest single, "Real Love" this past Monday and Tuesday, and we bet you're going to love it. Of course, the video is directed by Massari's favorite director, none other than RT! This video, unlike the first two, focuses more on story telling, so the video was shot like a mini movie. An extremely chiseled Massari brought his addictive charm and sharpest acting skills to the set, and it paid off for him. The video shows Massari going for the girl of his dreams, but every time he gets close, fate intervenes and prevents him from talking to her. His girlfriend in the video is Bria Fuentes, you can see her in the "Be Easy" video (with the blue robe). She dumps him when she finds out Massari is no longer interested in her... That's all we're going to say for now, we don't want to give it away!!! Melanie Durrant (Maxamus Entertainment) made an appearance in the video, and she also brought a great deal of radiant energy to the set. To everybody's excitement, Keisha Chante also stopped by the set to say hello. This exhausting yet exhilarating two day shoot was a smashing success with everybody involved feeling very positive about the outcome. Look out for the video to air in the coming weeks on Much Music, and be sure to request it. Without the support of the fans, nothing is possible. Let's make this one another #1!!!!
Check out massarionline.com in the coming days for brand new behind the scenes video shoot pictures!!!!

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